Six cases, where Taxonomy can help

You need to sort out many pictures

You can easily divide the 100CANON folder into "Picnic in August", "Travel to Spain", "Birthday", "Felix the Cat", etc.

You are going to sort out the project folders

Just arrange the documents based on their types, archive all necessary information and delete the files you don’t need.

Your drive is full

You'll be surprised how many different files you can delete from the Downloads folder!

There are so many icons on your desktop that

they are arranged in two layers

Taxonomy will help you sort them out easily and efficiently.

You think it's high time to sort out

your video or music collection

You will be able to sort the media by style or artists.

You just like your files to be in order

Key features

  • Sorting the files with a mouse click or pressing a key
    You may drag the file into the storage folder, press a hotkey, or click on the folder to move file into it.
  • Viewing file by file
    Instead of a large number of files you only see one and can easily decide what to do with it.
  • Showing folders for sorting out the files
    The folders are easy to add, they are always visible, and it is easy to create new ones using the “add folder” popup box.
  • Simple deletion of the files
    Delete files with single click of mouse or press hotkey.
  • Quick Look mode for file viewing
    You see the content of the electronic tables, files containing images, text documents and the content of the folders.
  • Viewing the subfolders
    If a folder contains important files it can be added to the list to sort out and view them file by file.

How to use Taxonomy

  • Video
  • Quick Start
  • User Manual
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