Taxonomy facilitate sorting of files on Mac (orig on French: Taxonomy simplifie le tri de fichiers sur Mac)

Taxonomy is an utility that meets a current need rather original way. Often a folder is full of loose files that you want to sort and store elsewhere. This is typically the case of OS X desktop or dedicated file downloads that can quickly be filled with dozens of files more or less useful. To empty, you can of course go through the Finder to remove what is unnecessary or store what needs to be preserved, but this utility offers a more elegant solution...

Nicolas Furno,, 14 May 2014

Perfect for cleaning up your folders.

This is just the sort of app I’ve been looking for. This is an easy to use and structured way to go through a cluttered Downloads or Desktop folder and move things to where they really belong. You start by setting up source folders and destination folders. You review your files and folders one by one and with a single click or hot key your data is moved exactly where you want it. Highly useful! I had an issue with the previous version but just a few days later it’s addressed in the new release! I love it!

Carl in Oakland, Mac App Store(USA), 30 May 2014

I like this little app; it's great for ploughing through and organizing an unsorted folder. Purchased at the App Store within ten minutes of using the trial. Once again I have to thank developers producing software that us seniors can learn quickly and use effectively. Wishing you every success, Vostok!

Harry Macbeth, Mac Update, 11 June 2014

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